Best way to get motorcycle in Cambodia?

Buying a motorcycle in Cambodia, especially for foreigners, can be a bit trickier than other Southeast Asian countries.

Can a foreigner ride a motorcycle in Cambodia?

Challenges for foreigners:

Registration: Registering a motorcycle in your name can be difficult if it’s already been registered in Cambodia before. Ideally, you’d want to buy a new, unregistered motorcycle.
Parts Availability: Parts for less common motorcycles might be harder to find and require waiting for imports.

If you decide to proceed:

New vs. used: Consider if a new or used motorcycle is better. New offers warranty but might limit options. Used can be cheaper but comes with potential risks.

Finding motorcycles:

Dealers: Look for reputable motorcycle dealerships selling new and potentially used motorcycles with proper paperwork.
Online Marketplaces: Websites like [Khmer24] have motorcycle listings. Be cautious and verify details with sellers.

Key points during purchase:

Registration documents: Ensure the motorcycle has a registration card with matching engine and frame numbers, and import tax documents showing taxes are paid.
Condition: Inspect the motorcycle thoroughly for any damage or mechanical issues. Consider getting a mechanic to check it out.
Negotiation: Negotiating the price is common practice in Cambodia.

Research: Research motorcycle models, common prices, and scams before buying.
Temporary Option: Renting a motorcycle might be a better option for short stays.
Local Assistance: Consider getting help from a Cambodian friend or someone familiar with the process to navigate any language barriers or cultural nuances.

Buying a motorcycle, especially for foreigners, can be complex in Cambodia. Weigh the challenges and decide if it aligns with your needs and the length of your stay.

If you’re a fan of Honda Super Cub, you can easily find a good, reliable one in Phnom Penh, which is home to many Japanese motorcycle shops and depots. In Phnom Penh, there are several Japanese motorcycle warehouses you should check out, including:

1. Motorcycles from Japan
2. Sakura Motor Shop
3. Arigato Cambodia
4. Lee Auto
5. Japanese Motorbikes CKH
6. FUJIMA Corporation

Most of the 50cc Super Cub motorcycle prices start at $500, depending on the condition of the bike. Before visiting a motorcycle shop, it’s advisable to check its presence online, as most shops have their Facebook Page with latest photos and live videos. You can compare prices and negotiate before going there to see the motorcycle you want.

If you have a friend with in-depth knowledge of second-hand motorcycles, it’s a great advantage to help you select the best one. These shops are reputable in Cambodia, and you can expect to get the most genuine spare parts for the motorcycle you’re buying.

After purchasing a used Japanese motorcycle from a Phnom Penh shop, you’ll receive a tax paper, which is an official document for registering the plate number and making the motorcycle legal on the road.

A Honda Super Cub motorcycle is affordable for most Phnom Penh residents and is easy and low cost to maintain, with many spare parts available for replacement. Additionally, after years of use, you can sell it without losing much, compared to other new, expensive bikes.

I personally recommend a Super Cub instead of other motorcycles because it’s a great brand name from the Japanese maker, and I like the older editions made in the 1960s and 70s.

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