The best Internet service providers in Cambodia

This is a mini guide to help you find the right Internet packages from the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Cambodia. Based in Phnom Penh city, most ISPs have branches and sales offices in major cities like Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Although there are many Internet Providers operating in Cambodia, only a few major ones own and operate the most advanced optic networks covering 25 Cambodian provinces. These ISPs have a variety of options for you to choose from. Broadband Internet connections with fiber optic cables are the most reliable choice.

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The fastest Internet speed in Cambodia?

The highest Internet bandwidth Cambodia’s business enterprise can get is up to 800Mbps. And starting from mid 2022, it can go up to 10Gbps, which is ready to serve 5G mobile users.

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The best ISPs in Cambodia: what you need to know

When talking about the best ISPs, there are best choices for home users and business enterprises.

According to the [Hurricane Electric](, which operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world, “SINET’s Fiber One is Cambodia’s fastest broadband service.” Here’s the list of the Cambodia’s international networks as appeared on [the Internet Backbone and Colocation Provider](

A list of Cambodia’s Internet Providers

SINET: Specialist Dedicated ISP

High-speed fiber Internet for businesses, residences, and home offices Some of the best things to know

– Dedicated Internet: this is the huge difference from having a shared Internet link (with my neighbor). The download/upload speed is really good. Dedicated Internet access means that the specified amount of bandwidth sold has been carved out and dedicated for your use.
– Quick fix: this is a big plus when you need the connection for Skype calls at home or working to meet my deadline, rather going to the cafe.
– Ideal for businesses that want to have a high speed/quality Internet for apartment or office. In addition to their 24/7 support, their staff is well-trained and responsive.

NeocomISP Limited – NTC

is both an ISP and cloud service provider. Established since 2006, NeocomISP Limited – NTC is one of the top key players in offering wholesale and end-users Internet service.


This ISP offers the most affordable Internet package for home users. For as low as $15/month, you can get a 10Mb/s for normal uses. I had to switched from OpenNet to Metfone (now defunct).


Smart has just introduced this home package @Home, which is one of the cheapest Internet plans for home users. The Basic @Home Wifi (using a Wifi modem) starts at $12 without hassle installation, cable, or deposit. Just buy a modem and pay the monthly fee and you’ll have a Wifi connection at home. The downsize is that if you live in an area where you get low Smart signal, you won’t have a good Internet connection. Best way to test is your smartphone with smart SIM card. As long as you get strong signal, you get the maximum speed fro this. The router uses the SIM card. Placing the router near the window also helps improving the strength of the signal. I tried this.

EZECOM has branded itself as a premium (also premium price) Internet Provider in Cambodia.  Most Cambodians who live in Borey may end up having Ezecom as their Internet provider for its exclusivity.

NTC – NeocomISP

Digi (DTV Star), PPCTV Broadband Internet Service, SingMeng Telemedia These three Internet providers are focused on offering local video and movie streaming services.

OpenNet \[update 2022\]: You should avoid Opennet as their operation is shutting down or transferring to its new partner company.

Vietnamese telecommunications and Internet providers that have their main link with Vietnam. Their small Internet plans are popular among home users across Cambodia. The downside is when the connection is cut off, it usually takes about one week (minimum standard) for their support team to come and fix. Ideally, this smallest package from either Metfone is the most affordable for most home users. However, you cannot expect the best class service.

Kingtel Communications Limited If you’re not satisfied with Metfone and Open Net, newcomers Kingtel and Singmeng might be worth to try. Kingtel’s TARM CHET 3 gives budget-minded customers an unlimited data cap plan with 3Mbps speed through its 4GLTE+.

ONLINE Started after the departure of Australian ISP BigPond. One of the oldest Internet providers. Not sure how much Online has innovated over the past years.

Some more ISPs in the Kingdom of Cambodia: Y5Net (BDKTel Co,LTD) AngkorNet Camintel Camnet (Telecom Cambodia) Chuan Wei Citylink MekongNet (Angkor Data Communication Group) Neocom ISP (NTC) NTC – NeocomISP Limited SEATEL Wicam TODAY ISP

There are a few things that expats should be aware of when it comes to internet service providers in Cambodia:

1. Coverage: Cambodia has a rapidly expanding internet infrastructure, but some areas of the country are still not well-connected. Before signing up with an ISP, make sure they provide coverage in your area.
2. Speed: Internet speeds in Cambodia can vary widely depending on the provider and location. Consider your needs and budget when choosing an ISP, as some providers may offer faster speeds but at a higher cost.
3. Reliability: Internet connectivity in Cambodia can be unreliable at times, with frequent outages and slowdowns. Choose an ISP that has a good reputation for reliability and is able to provide adequate support when needed.
4. Cost: Internet prices in Cambodia can vary greatly, so it’s important to compare different providers and packages before signing up. Consider the cost of equipment, installation fees, and monthly fees when comparing providers.
5. Availability of international content: Some ISPs in Cambodia may limit or restrict access to international websites and services. This can be due to government regulations or the ISP’s own policies. Be sure to research the ISP’s policies and availability of international content before signing up.

Starlink available in Cambodia? What’s the price?

Starlink is not yet available in Cambodia, but SpaceX, the company that owns Starlink, has said that it plans to expand the service to Cambodia in 2023. In fact, there is already one known user of Starlink in Cambodia, a vanilla farmer named Dara Chan. He installed a Starlink dish (using its global roaming service for $200/month) on his farm in Veal Renh, Preah Sihanouk province, in early 2023.

Source: [Cambodia’s First Starlink Deployed from Vanilla Farm](

Starlink is a satellite internet service that uses a constellation of low-orbit satellites to provide high-speed internet access to areas with limited or no access to traditional internet infrastructure. This makes it a potential game-changer for Cambodia, which has a large rural population that is often underserved by traditional internet providers.

If Starlink is successful in Cambodia, it could have a significant impact on the country’s economy and development. It could help to bridge the digital divide, improve education and healthcare, and boost economic growth.

Of course, there are also some potential challenges that need to be addressed before Starlink can be widely adopted in Cambodia. These include the cost of the service, the availability of compatible devices, and the potential for interference with other satellite systems.

Shared versus dedicated Internet

Most home users use shared Internet plan offered by their ISP. Shared Internet means that one pipeline to your area for your neighbors, including you. The more users in your area throttle the Internet bandwidth, the slower Internet speed you experience. Dedicated Internet access is like having your own personal lane on the Information Superhighway as opposed to sharing the same traffic lanes as everyone else. So when you have a personal, dedicated lane you will be traveling at exactly the speed you were guaranteed. Technically, fiber optics are often the delivery method of choice for the ISPs to deploy.

Bandwidth vs. data

Unlike in the United States of America where Internet Providers usually offer limited data usage for Internet plans, this is not really the case here in Cambodia. Most Cambodian ISPs can provide unlimited data you can transfer. However, the bandwidth or speed is usually packaged as a product that the all of Cambodia’s Internet Providers compete. And I wrote early in the beginning, there are two types of Internet speed here: shared connection vs. dedicated. Dedicated speed means you have the pipe or connection for home or office. You may share it with anyone in the family, but not other people in the area. Usually, the shared Internet service is cheaper despite the fact that many ISPs advertise higher bandwidth. If your business is really reliant upon the Internet, ADSL Internet service translates into your company losing money. Go for a dedicated Internet.

Streaming Netflix best video quality or Ultra HD?

To stream 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD you’d need at least a decent Internet with bandwidth at least 10Mbps to stream Netflix content alone. So if you subscribed to a shared Internet package, even with high speed, it’s still unlikely that you that get the best experience of watching the unlimited Netflix shows or videos.

Internet speed test?

These are some good online tools to test your download and upload speed: []( powered by Netflix, can help you to measure your current internet download speed. It’s really a simple-to-test what speed your ISP is providing. I like this speed measurement tool for its clean interface. No ad.

[SpeedTest]( is a popular name when it comes to testing Internet speed.

[NDT (Network Diagnostic Test) by M-Lab]( This tool provides much more information than when you test your Internet speed. What I really like about it is that it tells you whether it detects a cable fault or network congestion. You can also use a basic version, M-Lab’s Speed Test to quickly [check your connection speed](

Tips & Advice

When it comes to going for an ISP here, especially in a country like Cambodia, there are at least 3 main things to consider:

– Speed and technology: good enough for your home use, fast enough for your business and work. ADSL or newer fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology or fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)?
– Reliability: when your connection is down you cannot have your Skype conference call, you cannot complete your work on time.
– Support: In Cambodia, Internet cut off is common. Your ADSL and fiber-optic Internet lines are laid with the electricity cables across the street. It can get disconnected any time without notice. How long does it take your ISP support technician to come and fix? In one week? Or in one day?

Faster browsing, too! Happy web browsing in the heart of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Tips to browse the Internet faster in Cambodia

When in Cambodia, if browsing the Internet is not safe and fast, you may consider using some of the tips here. Here are some tips to help you browse the internet faster:

Get faster Internet with better DNS

You should use either Cloudflare DNS or Google DNS. Cloudflare provides the DNS (Domain Name System) service. Its warp is an additional feature which augments our mobile apps but will always remain optional. Browsing a faster, more private Internet? Check out this instruction: [](

_Why you should use an alternative DNS, instead of the default one from your Internet provider?_

The DNS can improve browsing the Internet by translating domain names into IP addresses, which allows web browsers to locate and connect to websites more quickly and efficiently. By using a reliable and fast DNS service, users can experience faster website loading times, improved security, and fewer connection errors. Additionally, DNS can be used to block access to malicious or unwanted websites, and to bypass regional restrictions or censorship.

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Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can help speed up your browsing by removing stored data that can slow down your browser.

Use an ad blocker

Ads can significantly slow down your browsing experience. Installing an ad blocker can help speed up your browsing by blocking ads and other unwanted content.

Disable unnecessary browser extensions

Browser extensions can slow down your browsing speed. Disable any extensions you’re not using to help speed up your browsing experience.

Use a faster DNS server

DNS servers translate website addresses into IP addresses. Using a faster DNS server can help speed up your browsing by reducing the time it takes for your browser to find the IP address of a website.

Upgrade your internet plan

If you’re experiencing slow browsing speeds, it may be because of your internet plan. Upgrading to a faster internet plan can help improve your browsing speed.

Use a wired connection

A wired connection is usually faster than a wireless connection, so try connecting your device directly to your modem or router with an Ethernet cable.

Use a modern browser

Some older browsers are slower and less efficient than newer ones. Using a modern browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, can help improve your browsing speed.

Keep in mind that other factors, like the website you’re visiting, the time of day, and the number of people using your internet connection, can also affect your browsing speed.

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